Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Our Saturday Nights!

Since we have moved here to São Paulo, we have spent MANY of our Saturday nights participating in a fun Saturday night worship service!

Every other Saturday night,  the Sower House ministry (where we are volunteering for the rest of 2015) hosts a worship service for the kids, teens, and families living in a nearby slum.

We have enjoyed worshiping the Lord together with these special kids on Saturday nights.
Here are a few photos of our times together!

The Saturday night service always begins with a moment of prayer.  The kids can share praises and prayer requests, and then we take a moment to pray for the needs of the kids and families living in the slum nearby.  
Do you see Jessie playing during the prayer time in the background?  She is distracting a boy! :-)

Some of the teenage girls who participate at the ministry help lead a praise and worship time during the service.

Some nights we play Bible games!  Here is a photo of our dear friends Silvana and Robert, the coordinators of the ministry, leading a fun Bible trivia game.

There is usually a special Bible story, preaching, or testimony presented as well.   Felipe has shared a few times already at the Saturday night service. 

Sometimes the kids present special songs or dramas too.  A few children from my sweet little class of kids presented this song one Saturday.  Here is the video clip!

Some Saturday nights the Sower House ministry is packed full of children and their families, while other Saturdays less kids are present.  Whether it is a small or large crowd, it is always a fun and fruitful time together.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of our lives and what we do almost every other Saturday night!

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  1. This was so inspiring. Hopefully we can join you guys one day.