Saturday, November 14, 2015

A Day Outing

Last Sunday, November 8th, the Sower House ministry took the youngest children (ages 5 to 8 years old) on a special day outing.  These are the kids I teach and sing songs with each week at the Sower House, so I have a special connection with these kiddos. We had tons of fun with this group!
Our outing was to a nearby small retreat center with a pool and a nice grassy play area.  We enjoyed swimming, playing games, eating yummy food (we ate Brazilian barbeque), and then we ended our day together worshiping the Lord through songs, prayer, and hearing a special word.

The children live in poor conditions in a slum area with small spaces to play and little contact with nature.  To have this experience to play in a peaceful grassy area and swim in a big, beautiful pool, was a wonderful treat for them. They rarely get opportunities like this.  It was day of much fun, laughter, and great quality time together.  The kids did not want the day to end!

Enjoy seeing photos of our special day outing with these precious kids from the Sower House ministry!

A visiting volunteer from Scotland gave us a personal bagpipe performance.  This was a unique cultural experience for the kids, and they loved dancing to the music!  It was awesome!

We pray these children will continue to grow in the the knowledge, grace, and truth of the Lord Jesus Christ.   This special outing is just one of the many ways we share God's word and love to these precious ones.  May the seeds sown go deep and bear much fruit!