Monday, November 2, 2015

We Have a Need

Every time we go to the USA for a visit and share in various locations about our work in Brazil, we often hear the same question over and over...

"What do you need?"

People ask us about our needs as missionaries, and honestly, often it is very humbling and difficult to make our practical needs known.

I somehow always feel very put on the spot when I am asked this question.  I often end up focusing on our prayer needs, but our practical needs are also important. I feel vulnerable and shy to admit that well, we have needs that need to be met, AND we need people who will partner with us financially to meet those needs.

As missionaries, we don't make a salary, but rather live off the financial donations the body of Christ, so generously gives us. Believe me, God has blessed us greatly and blown our minds through the faithful support we receive, and we are super thankful!

We do manage our money carefully (we even send a monthly report to our financial coach) and live simply, but even when doing so, sometimes the needs cost much more than we have financially.

So, with all this being said, today I want to humbly share,
"We have a need.  We need a new car."

Our current car, which we managed to buy two years ago,  has been breaking down almost every other week for the past few months. We bought the car used (it's a 1997 Fiat Palio Weekend), and it has served us well in the past, but is currently having many problems.  This is costing us not only lots of extra money each month, but also lots of extra stress, lost time, and energy put into trying to sort out the reoccurring mechanical issues.

We have endless stories of how our car has broken down on the side of road, some stories more funny than others. Once our car broke down on a major highway while our friends' two daughters were riding with us, and that was quite the adventure!  I was busy trying to soothe and settle Jessie and our two little passengers (and help them not to be scared), as Felipe was trying to figure out how we could get our car towed to be repaired.

We believe a car should be a blessing and a tool to help us accomplish what God has called us to do in Brazil.  At this moment our car is not serving us well, so we are trying to raise the necessary funds to buy a newer, more reliable car. 

Financial Breakdown
It is our hope to be able to trade in our car, using it as a down payment towards purchasing a newer and more reliable vehicle.   We are in need of additional funds in order to make this purchase happen. 

We will receive: around $1,800 - trading in our current car

We need to raise: around $10,000 - to buy a semi-new car

Our Plan

We would like to buy a larger vehicle that can seat at least 7 people, as we hope to grow our family - yes we want to have more children in the future!                 

We also want more seats in the car to be able to provide transportation for missionaries/volunteers who will help us during ministry times in the slum where we work.  

Since we are establishing a ministry, we have no official ministry van or anything like that (yet, who knows, maybe in the future). We personally want to be able to serve and use our vehicle to help with ministry transportation needs.

We see the need for a stronger vehicle, as the conditions of the roads here in São Paulo are quite rough. There are many holes, bumps, and places with broken pavement.  It would very beneficial to have a durable and strong vehicle in our current situation.  

Our life in São Paulo requires us to have a car for ministry purposes and also for taking Sophia to school.  A reliable vehicle is a vital tool and need for our ministry and daily life.

Can you help us?
Would you pray for us about this need?  Maybe you can donate a small amount of money to go towards this need, or you know someone who could donate and partner with us.

During this Christmas season if you are considering giving towards a charity, cause, or missions organization, would you considering giving towards this need, to personally bless our family and ministry as we serve on the mission field?

If you would like to DONATE towards this need click HERE for a list of options on how to give. 

We also have a GoFundMe page so if you want to give through this fundraising site click on the following link:


Whatever way you want to help us - through prayer, sharing with others about our need, or giving a financial gift - we gladly say, "Thank you!"

We already have countless testimonies of how God has met our needs through the faithfulness of the body of Christ.  We sincerely appreciate your partnership and support of our ministry to children at risk in Brazil!

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