Saturday, January 30, 2016

January Update

I decided to pop on here to write a quick update, as our blog has been completely silent the last few weeks...

We kicked off the New Year celebrating with dear friends, and with a special visit from Felipe's sister.  Our girls especially enjoyed spending several days of quality time with their beloved Aunt Renata!
We took Renata out to our favorite restaurant - Casa da Pizza!
Felipe and his sister even took the girls on an outing to tour the soccer stadium of Felipe's favorite soccer team.

The ministry center where we work follows the Brazilian school calendar, so the ministry has been closed all during the month of January.  We have been using this time to rest and work on various personal projects. 

Felipe is almost finished painting a bedroom for our girls, and we also finally cleaned out our back patio area, bought new plants, hung pictures that stayed in boxes way too long, and decorated our home a bit.  Our house is beginning to feel more like our home with these personal touches!

During January we faced  over a week of health issues with Jessie.  She even had to spend many hours at the hospital one day to get fluids pumped into her body through an IV. Thankfully Jessie is feeling much better now, and her appetite has returned!

Felipe traveled to the Northeast of Brazil to photograph a missionary friend's wedding. These photos turned out amazing! 

During January we also had fun dog-sitting these two cuties for about two weeks for our missionary friends who were serving at a youth camp.  

Sophia just returned back to school after about a month long Christmas/Brazilian summer vacation. We had a great vacation time, going on a few fun family outings, but mostly we just hung out at home.  On Monday Sophia starts swimming lessons at her school and she is super excited!  She just got her school swimsuit and swimming cap yesterday.

Sophia also has been working hard (with some help from mommy) on a school project. I love how it turned out!

January has been an extremely eventful month for us personally, but I have not written so much about that here.  Very soon we hope to share more news about what is going on in our lives.  Please be in prayer for us and stay tuned!

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