Sunday, February 7, 2016

Two Big Announcements!

Watch this video to hear our first big and happy announcement!

We are overjoyed with the news of becoming the parents of another precious life, and our girls are also excited about it.  As you saw in the video, Sophia hopes for a baby brother and Jessie a baby sister!  The baby is due in the middle of  September. 

Our second big announcement is that due to the Zika virus here in Brazil (read more about that here) and it's effects on pregnant women and the babies they carry, I (Laura) will soon be coming to the USA for a short visit.

On February 15th, our youngest daughter Jessie and I will travel to the USA to stay with family and friends for about six weeks, while Felipe and Sophia will remain in Brazil.  Felipe will continue faithfully working at the ministry where we serve, and Sophia must attend school.

It was a hard decision to make, but after much prayer and consideration we decided it would be best for me to travel to the USA, in attempt to protect the baby from contracting the Zika virus during the sensitive 1st trimester of the pregnancy.

Please pray for our family in the coming weeks, as this will be the first time we will be separated as a family for an extended period of time, but by God's grace and strength we can do this.

Also, please pray for the health and protection of the baby.  Since we have learned that I am pregnant this has been my constant prayer, as it is quite alarming to be living in a country where the Zika virus exists and is sadly infecting many pregnant women and babies.

We ultimately trust the Lord and His sovereign hand over our lives!  He works all things together for good, and we are seeking to rest in this promise.

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