Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Our USA Trip, So Far!

Jessie and I have been enjoying our time in the good old US of A these past three weeks, and we still have three more weeks to go!  We are missing Daddy and Sophia terribly at times (I have come to tears at various moments due to missing them), but at the same time we are super thankful for this special time with people we love dearly.

Since arriving on American soil in the middle of February, we have been traveling around and seeing lots of friends and family.  I am not a photographer, so I often forget to take photos because I am completely wrapped up in the moment or the conversation with whomever we are visiting. However, here are a few photos I have snapped here and there highlighting some fun times during our trip, so far!

My youngest daughter, Jessie, is my adventure-loving, travel partner for this trip!  
After just a few days with family, and enjoying some good home-cooked Southern food...

Jessie and I kicked off our time in the USA by traveling to Tennessee to visit Lee University (where I graduated in 2001), and we spent precious time with my college roomie, Carrie, who lives nearby.  It was just like old times, talking for hours on end and spending time together in our college town!

Carrie, Jessie and I

Jessie and I then traveled to the Raleigh, North Carolina area where I grew up and lived most of my life.  I stayed in the home of my childhood and lifetime best friend, Jessica (Jessie's namesake), together with her family of five.  We had so much fun and enjoyed our time there so much, but I completely forgot to take photos. 

Here is one photo snapped of Jessie and all of Jessica's kids squeezed together in the hammock! 
Jessie (3), Ella (8), Luke (10), and Asher (5)!
Jessica's sweet son Asher (5)  and my Jessie (3).

In the middle of my time in Raleigh, I went away to another nearby city for a few days to visit another one of my best friends (Amy) and her family!  
At Amy's house! Lydia (6), Jessie (3) and Jim (4).

A girl selfie! Amy and I with our girls!
We also had fun playdates, lunch dates, dinner dates, and coffee dates with more special people!
  I must say, I tried to squeeze in seeing as many people as I could in just seven short days in Raleigh, but I did not get to see everyone I had hoped to see, or visit all the dear people at the churches we usually visit. Next time we will try to make that happen! :-) 
My sweet friend Peggy (we taught together at Swift Creek Elementary) and Jessie at Chick-fila!
Park fun with friends!
A few days ago, Jessie and I returned to South Carolina to officially begin the "family time" portion of our trip!  During the next three weeks we will spend lots of quality time with our family, staying with Grammy and Grandpa, and Aunt Becky and Aunt Elizabeth (my two sisters).  Jessie is loving all the individual attention she is receiving!

While we are here in the USA, Felipe and Sophia are having some great adventures of their own in Brazil!
They took a daddy-daughter date to the zoo, and this coming weekend they hope to take a quick day trip to the beach with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law who will be visiting them.

Since we got here, Sophia also lost her very first tooth! She was super excited and proud of this achievement! You can see a small gap in the bottom row of her teeth. This photo was taken just after the tooth came out.

We are all missing each other, but before we know it we will all be reunited again!

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