Thursday, April 21, 2016

Our Seattle Trip!

Felipe and I have just returned from our trip to Seattle, Washington!
We went to the Seattle, WA area to participate in a week-long orientation at the new missions organization we applied to serve with. 

We are now officially ACTION International Missionaries!  
To learn more about ACTION International Ministries, check out the website:

Here is a photo of us together with the other missionary candidates going through orientation. We all were accepted and approved to be missionaries for ACTION!

During the week we had moments of worship, devotions, various training sessions, presentations, interviews and evaluations.  

When asked by another missionary what my favorite part of our week was, I replied that most certainly it was all the people we met!  

We met so many caring, loving, and awesome people during the week, as we learned more about ACTION International Ministries.  The staff serving at the ACTION home office truly impressed us.  They faithfully pray for and serve (in a variety of practical ways) to support missionaries serving on the mission field.  These people made us feel so loved, appreciated, and supported! 

At the end of the week we took some fun photos with a few of the missionaries helping lead our orientation week.
A fun photo with the ladies!
The men! :-)
 Our week of orientation ended with a celebratory dinner welcoming all of us missionary candidates into ACTION!

During the week, we were hosted in the home of this loving couple who live in the area. We were so blessed to have a nice place to stay for the week and enjoyed spending time with this couple. They soon will celebrate 50 years of marriage, and their love and respect for one another was such an inspiration to us.  

We even enjoyed a fun game of croquet before saying our goodbyes! It was a new experience for Felipe. 

To conclude our trip, Felipe and I spent a special weekend together shopping and seeing a bit of Seattle before heading back home to Brazil.  

The very first Starbucks Coffee shop!
We also went on an outing to the famous Space Needle!

This is the view from the top of the Space Needle around sunset! The view is stunning!

Overall, we had a great trip!  God gave me supernatural physical strength for the intense and busy week that we had, and I am so thankful!  Thank you to those who prayed for us.

While we were away, our girls also had a wonderful time with their Aunt Renata, but were also very happy for our return home.  I also am especially happy to settle into normal life and routine here in Brazil again after two months of constant travel. This pregnant mama is tired! :-)

  Soon we will be sharing more news, so stay tuned...

Friday, April 8, 2016

Traveling to the USA Again!

Tonight, I (Laura) will be traveling to the USA again!  Again?  Yes, again!
This time, Felipe will be traveling with me, while our girls will stay at home in Brazil being cared for by their beloved Aunt Renata (Felipe's sister).

As I mentioned in a recent post, Felipe and I have applied to serve in a missions organization called ACTION International, . 

The final stage of the application process requires us to participate in an orientation week, where missionary candidates are evaluated and interviewed by a missions board.  We also will have various meetings as we prepare to become official ACTION missionaries. We will be staying in the Seattle, Washington area where the ACTION International US Headquarters are located, and then return straight back home to Brazil.  

Please pray for us as we complete our application process and undergo various interviews and evaluations during our orientation week. 

We are hopeful, expectant, and can see God's hand guiding us in this new step in ministry.  We are excited to learn more about this missions organization, and look forward to going on this business/ministry trip kid-free. This is a wonderful treat for us as a couple, since we were just apart for a total of 6 weeks while I was visiting my family in the US. It will be nice to have a week of just us two.  This will be our first big trip alone without kids since Sophia was born, and she is almost six!

Please also pray for traveling mercies for me, as I have been experiencing some pain due to my uterine fibroid condition.  I wrote about this in my last post.  The baby is doing great, and thankfully I am feeling MUCH better than I was earlier this week, so I am good to travel. After four days of bed-rest, the pain I was experiencing has significantly subsided. I am extremely thankful, and plan to pace myself and take it easy as much as possible during our trip.

Soon we will be in touch with news about our special trip to Seattle, Washington!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sophia's Answered Prayer!

God has answered Sophia's constant prayer!  
Ever since we started planning and talking about having another baby, Sophia has been hoping and praying for a baby brother. Last week, we found out her prayers were answered.
We are having a BOY!

Here is a video of the ultrasound we had last Thursday morning.  I now have a big belly, already at 16 weeks pregnant, and our little guy is strong, healthy, and developing wonderfully with no signs of microcephaly.


We are extremely happy that our growing baby boy is doing so well!
Please continue to pray for him, for protection from the Zika virus here in Brazil, and for a healthy pregnancy for me.

Some not so good news about me is that last Sunday I began to feel intense pain due to a uterine fibroid condition that I have.  After a physically taxing week (from traveling back to Brazil and then doing tons of things I needed to do upon arrival)  my body responded to the stress of it all.

This also happened during my pregnancy with Sophia, so I recognized the signs right away, and knew instantly that I had pushed myself past my physical limits.  I have been on bed-rest since Sunday, and hopefully this pain will pass soon.   The baby is not effected by the fibroids in any way,  however I may continue to experience pain off and on throughout the pregnancy as my uterus is growing and changing.  I have to take it especially easy!

We appreciate your prayers concerning all these things,
 and we are super excited about welcoming a baby BOY into the Matias Family!

Sophia & Jessie, the proud big sisters!