Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sophia's Answered Prayer!

God has answered Sophia's constant prayer!  
Ever since we started planning and talking about having another baby, Sophia has been hoping and praying for a baby brother. Last week, we found out her prayers were answered.
We are having a BOY!

Here is a video of the ultrasound we had last Thursday morning.  I now have a big belly, already at 16 weeks pregnant, and our little guy is strong, healthy, and developing wonderfully with no signs of microcephaly.


We are extremely happy that our growing baby boy is doing so well!
Please continue to pray for him, for protection from the Zika virus here in Brazil, and for a healthy pregnancy for me.

Some not so good news about me is that last Sunday I began to feel intense pain due to a uterine fibroid condition that I have.  After a physically taxing week (from traveling back to Brazil and then doing tons of things I needed to do upon arrival)  my body responded to the stress of it all.

This also happened during my pregnancy with Sophia, so I recognized the signs right away, and knew instantly that I had pushed myself past my physical limits.  I have been on bed-rest since Sunday, and hopefully this pain will pass soon.   The baby is not effected by the fibroids in any way,  however I may continue to experience pain off and on throughout the pregnancy as my uterus is growing and changing.  I have to take it especially easy!

We appreciate your prayers concerning all these things,
 and we are super excited about welcoming a baby BOY into the Matias Family!

Sophia & Jessie, the proud big sisters!

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  1. We will be praying for your complete and total healing in Jesus' name. As well
    as a healthy, good pregnancy and delivery. Have a safe trip.:)
    Blessings, M&M