Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our New (Used) Car!

We are super happy to announce that we recently purchased a new (used) car!

This is our 2011 Zafira mini-van! (Felipe took this photo on the street where we live.)
We know it will be a great blessing to our family and ministry, as we are often driving around fellow missionaries and ministry volunteers.  

We want to say a GREAT BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has prayed for this need and given tangibly to help make it possible for us to purchase a more reliable vehicle! Our old 1997 Fiat was breaking down continually causing non-stop stress and financial strain. 

We still owe around $1,500 on the Zafira mini-van for it to be completely paid off, so if you still want to partner with us and contribute towards this need we would be extremely grateful!

We are rejoicing in the Lord's provision and we are thankful! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ACTION & ABBA Official!

As I shared recently, Felipe and I are now officially serving as missionaries with a different missions organization called Action International Ministries, also known as ACTION!  (Check out ACTION's website here.)   

ACTION works directly in partnership with a local Brazilian mission called ABBA (, here in São Paulo, Brazil.  Logistically and practically, more and more things are coming into place as we are now finalizing our transition into serving through both of these mission organizations.

We have an official Missionary Page on the ACTION website!
Please go and check us out there!

On our new ACTION Missionary Page, you can make online tax-deductible donations to us!
There is a cute and convenient little, orange "donate" button there, so now sending a donation to ACTION for us is just a fast and easy click away!

Hopefully soon our very first snail-mail prayer/newsletter will be sent out from the ACTION USA office! If you would like to get this letter, we can add you to our mailing list. Please email us your home address at the email below.

We have a new, official ACTION Missionary email address:
Feel free to contact us at this new email address or through our gmail email address at:
In April, Felipe and I sharing our testimonies at the ACTION USA Headquarters (Seattle, WA) during our missionary orientation.

We are excited about this new chapter of our missionary careers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sophia is Six!

Our first born, Sophia, turned six last week!
She woke up to birthday presents and decorations of her favorite Brazilian character (Monica), on her special day! 

Before setting off to school, we sang "Happy Birthday" to her at breakfast, placing a candle on her waffles.

At school we had a little party for Sophia too! 

On Sophia's birthday, I also attended a Mother's Day Tea at Sophia's school, where Sophia sang along with fellow students to honor all the mothers.  It was so sweet! 

For many months now, we have been hoping to take Sophia to an amusement park for her sixth birthday.  Thanks to some birthday money we got from family, we were able to take her and a friend on this super special birthday outing!

About to enter the Monica Park for children!
Sophia and her friend Marianne enjoyed riding lots of rides!

Our beautiful Jessie enjoying the merry-go-round!

 Sophia was super brave and rode her very first roller-coaster with Daddy!

We saw an impressive show with dancing and music!

And Sophia even got a special photo with two of the characters at the park - her favorite character named Monica, and Monica's friend Magali. 

Sophia loved her sixth birthday, and we made many fun memories in celebration of her life!

We love our daughter Sophia, and we are extremely thankful for who the Lord has created her to be.  She is strong, spunky, determined, decisive, creative, kind, and generous.  She is truly a unique little girl who continually teaches us many lessons as parents and as children of God.  We are excited to see how Sophia will grow and develop as the years pass. It is truly an honor to be Sophia's parents, and we love her immensely! 

Happy 6th Birthday Sophia!