Monday, July 18, 2016

Camp Days with the Teens!

Last week we spent five wonderful days in the beautiful countryside of Brazil, helping to run the annual camp for the teens who participate at Casa Semear.

It was a great week of building stronger relationships with the kids, studying together various Biblical principles from stories found in the book of Daniel, and playing various thematic games (which also corresponded with our Biblical theme of Daniel).

Enjoy seeing these photos highlighting our special week with the teens!

The little girls who were at the camp - because their parents were serving.  I spent a lot of time with these little beauties! 
Patricia, our guest speaker for the week, taught from the Word of God each night.

One of the best games at the camp - Pie face!  
After spending the week studying and learning Biblical principles from the book of Daniel, we had a game to test the kids to see what they had learned. The person who answered the trivia question correctly more quickly could pie their opponent, or if a person answered incorrectly they also got a pie in the face.

Even Sophia played, and loved every second of it! 

Our dear friends and leaders at Casa Semear - Robert & Silvana! 

Thanks to all who prayed for our camp experience!  
Please continue to pray for the teens, and that the many seeds of truth planted in their lives during this camp will take root and bear much fruit for the glory and praise of God! 

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