Saturday, August 27, 2016

A Special Saturday at Casa Semear!

In addition to the daily programs at Casa Semear, several weekends a month we hold worship services or run other events at the ministry for the families and children living in the nearby slums.

Recently some young people from a local church (called Philadelphia Presbyterian) came to the ministry center to lead a fun Saturday afternoon program.  We are thankful for this new partnership with a Biblically solid church, located near the community.

Scroll down to see photos of a special Saturday at Casa Semear!

The church group performed the beautiful Max Lucado story,  You are Special, and then shared the gospel message. 

During the program, a dentist also taught the children and teens about dental health and hygiene.  Everyone then received a special dental hygiene kit at the end of the program.  The kids loved this present!

It was a great day! It is such a blessing to have the involvement of the local church and volunteers at Casa Semear. We hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of this special Saturday at Casa Semear!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pregnancy & Family Photo Shoot!

We recently took some photos to document this special season that we are in as a family!  
We are joyfully anticipating the birth of our soon coming son.
Here are some photos Felipe captured!

And because it was Brazilian Father´s Day on the day Felipe was taking photos of us, we had to get some Daddy-Daughter shots taken too!  

Our girls LOVE their Daddy!

And here are a few more shots Felipe captured on another day around sunset!

We praise the Lord, our Mighty Creator, 
for the life He has created and is growing inside me. 
We eagerly look forward to meeting our son very soon!

Friday, August 19, 2016

Baby Preparation Mode!

I (Laura) will officially be 36 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and I am currently in hardcore baby preparation mode!

Our baby boy is due September 15th, but I am expecting him to possibly arrive a week early - like his two big sisters.

On top of our regular busy schedule - of school, church and our missions work at the ministry of Casa Semear - we are also running around to various doctors appointments and exams, with at least one (sometimes two) appointments every week now.

Sophia on her first day back to school! 
Here in Sao Paulo, Brazil - one of the largest and most populated cities in the world - doctors appointments can take a huge chunk of time out of your day.  This is due to long wait times for patients to see a doctor (due to the excessive number of people needing to be attended), and also the time required to drive to and from the doctor's office due to the crazy city traffic. Going to the doctor in Sao Paulo can be quite the cultural experience!

Sometimes Felipe and I drive almost one hour (a lot of times stuck in traffic) to the doctor's office. Then sometimes we need to wait another hour just to see the doctor or to do a routine exam.  By the time we have finished up and driven back home, half of our day is gone.

In the beginning of August I stopped working at Casa Semear, to take it more easy physically and also to prepare better for baby. I am currently nesting like crazy, when I am not completely exhausted!

I have been busy washing baby clothes and getting our house organized and ready for our baby boy.  Little by little we are finishing up odds and ends of things on our to-do list.  We are also super excited that my mom will be arriving in September to help our family during this special season of transitioning from having two children to three.

I recently had two sweet baby showers as well!
One shower with our beloved church family here in São Paulo (Calvary International Church) and the other with our new local missions organization we are serving with (ABBA).   The baby essentials we received at these showers are such a tangible blessing to us and helped to meet some real needs that we have, and the love and care expressed to us filled my heart to overflowing!  

These two showers truly blessed us in a really special way!  (I want to give a big shout out to Stephanie and Becky for throwing us these showers, and all the generous ladies who helped out and blessed us! Thank you so MUCH!)

Baby boy is BIG and moving around constantly. He is already weighing around 3 kilograms (a little over 6 and a half pounds) and is continuing to gain weight.  He is already bigger than my girls were at 36 weeks.

It won't be to much longer now...
We can't wait to meet our soon coming son!