Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Camp Days with the Kids!

Last week we spent three glorious days in the countryside of Brazil helping out with a camp for the kids who participate regularly at Casa Semear!

The weather was amazing, and surprising warm since it has been a cold Brazilian winter this year!  A group of about 20 boys and girls (ages 9-11 years old) attended the camp.  We all enjoyed having lots of fun, playing games and learning Biblical truths from the book of Daniel, which was the theme of our camp.

 We praise God for this opportunity and the privilege of working with these kids.  It is our prayer that each child was deeply impacted by God's love and the truth of His Word through camp.

 Here are a few photos highlighting our 2016 camp experience
with the Semear Kids! 

A game where the child must listen to one voice (representing the voice of God) in order to arrive at the final destination.
Though distractions and other voices try to distract and hinder, the child must continually listen to the one voice and follow it.

Each morning the kids were divided into small groups to study the Word and learn from the book of Daniel.
The kids also memorized two verses from the Bible. Felipe put them to music to help the kids remember the verses.

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