Friday, November 18, 2016

ABBA 2016 Missionary Retreat

Last weekend we participated in an annual missionary retreat with ABBA - the local Brazilian mission organization we work in partnership with.

During an extended holiday weekend here in Brazil, we spent quality time together with fellow ABBA missionaries learning from the Bible, praying together, talking, enjoying meals, playing games and resting at a beautiful camp facility outside of the city.

One evening of the camp, everyone was encouraged to dress up for fun.  This year's theme was the Olympics due to the Olympic Games which were held in Brazil earlier this year.  

This was Josiah's very first time traveling, and at 7 weeks old he did wonderfully! I was so thankful!

Our happy boy!  He just started smiling!

On the last day of the camp we got new ABBA t-shirts and took group photos.  Felipe, being a professional photographer, blessed many missionaries through taking family photos!

This is my favorite photo of the day!  Our dear friends and leaders at Casa Semear (Robert and Silvana Meikle) are having another baby.  Felipe took this photo for them to announce their happy news! :-)

We had to take a princess photo too!

Even though the weather was rainy and chilly for most of the camp (there was only beautiful sun on the last day), we had a special weekend together with our ABBA family!

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