Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Visiting ACTION Ministries in Brazil

Felipe is back home from his recent ministry trip!  He traveled to several different ACTION International ministries located in cities throughout Brazil.

The main purpose of Felipe's participation in this trip was to film the various ministry sites.  During the next months Felipe will be compiling the footage he captured to make videos that will share how God is working specifically through ACTION International in Brazil. 

Filming at an orphanage in Forteleza.
Filming a mssionary who works with pastoral training in Forteleza.
Filmaing a missionary couple in Sao Paulo whose ministry has been to adopt over 40 children over the years.
Felipe traveled together with these two ACTION missionaries: Kyle Hansen (left) and Mario Milhomem Jr. (right).

Filming missionaries of an ACTION ministry site in Goiania.

Interviewing missionaries who work with children (living in poverty) in the south of Brazil (Rio Grande do Sul).

Felipe and Kyle (an ACTION missionary from the USA) were able to film some video footage using a drone.  Here is a short clip!

Here are also a few interesting photos Felipe captured during his travels!

Our girls missed their Daddy, and I missed all the help and support Felipe gives me in caring for our newborn Josiah.  The kids and I mangaged to make it through the 12 days Felipe was gone traveling - by the grace of God and the help of dear friends. We are extremely thankful he is back home now!

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