Saturday, January 28, 2017

Our Brazilian Summer

So while the northern hemisphere is enjoying the winter season, we here in the southern hemisphere are experiencing the season of summer!  

Sophia was out of school for her Christmas/Brazilian summer vacation from December 17th until just two days ago.  I enjoyed having long days at home together with all three of our kids, and we also went on a few special day outings and trips. 

I wanted to share and document here some of our favorite family photos of our Brazilian summer!

A fun afternoon at a park near our house.  They have a sprinkler area and the girls love it!

Celebrating Christmas!

We played Monopoly Jr. lots over the summer vacation.  It was one of our favorite Christmas presents!

New Year's with our friends and coworkers, the Meikle family!

One of our biggest accomplishments during the past weeks is that we finally had time to paint and finish making Josiah's baby room!

And now for some photos from some of our adventures at the beach!
Read a little story about God's provision for one of our beach trips here

We are now getting back to our normal schedule, but we are super thankful for the special time we had as a family during our sweet Brazilian summer this year.

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