Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Camping Weekend!

Last weekend our team held a campout for the kids at Casa Semear. 
Checkout the fun we had during our camping weekend! 

Sophia, Jessie, Josiah and I shared our tent with six of the girls at the camp! 
I must say I was very proud of all the kids. They were on their best behavior and slept great the whole night long. 

The biblical theme of the camp was the story of Elijah.  As a spin off from this story, the Casa Semear team decided to talk about various religions that do not worship the true One and only God.  One of the religions presented was Mormonism. 

 These kids did a cute drama about Mormonism, and then one of the ministry leaders (Silvana) taught about how Mormanism is not true Christianity. 

The kids from Casa Semear greatly value these special weekend outings!  We praise God for the opportunity to be able to have fun with the kids, invest in relationship with them, and teach them truth from the precious Word of God.  
Our camping weekend was awesome! 

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