Friday, March 10, 2017

New Leg Braces

Today on the blog I am featuring a recent story that was included in our last newsletter. Enjoy reading about this precious boy and his new leg braces.
Almost four years ago, Kevin* was born into the world with brain paralysis.  This health issue caused significant delays in his development. Kevin recently began walking and talking at three years of age. 

Kevin’s older sister attends the programs at Casa Semear, and last year Kevin’s mother shared with us about the family’s ongoing struggle to pay for Kevin’s healthcare costs.

Kevin was in desperate need of leg braces to help him walk.  The use of leg braces would aid in the proper growth and development of Kevin’s feet and legs, therefore helping to prevent bone deformity and leg surgery in the future. Although Kevin’s family was trying to save for this need, it seemed impossible. The father’s small store located on the edges of the slum had not been doing the best financially, and the family had no extra funds to purchase the leg braces.

Could we at Casa Semear do something to help?

The Casa Semear team prayed for the family and shared about Kevin’s need.  In time, someone responded and donated funds to purchase Kevin’s leg braces.  Actually, one of you, our dear supporters!  This person listened to the still, small voice of God, obeyed, and gave.   We rejoiced to see how God met this need and how this family was impacted.  God provided through the body of Christ, and Kevin’s life and health was blessed and cared for!  God’s love was expressed to Kevin and his family.

This is just one of the many stories we have of God’s provision and care.  Your partnership, love, prayers and support as we serve in missions profoundly impacts our family and the lives of the children and families we work with.  Thank you!

*The child's name was changed.

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