Thursday, April 27, 2017

Favorites of Nepal

Felipe recently went on a two week mission trip to Nepal with the purpose of capturing images of what God is doing there.  Felipe´s photography and filming footage will be used by ACTION to help promote and share about Nepal, the needs of the nation, and the work of the Lord there.

On this blog post we are sharing some of our favorite photos from the trip.  Enjoy seeing a glimpse of Nepal through Felipe´s eyes.

Even more photos of Nepal coming soon!

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Recent Adventures!

We have had many adventures recently, 
while Felipe was in Nepal and since his return!
A cold front came through one week and the kids snuggled up in their warm footie pajamas!

Felipe has many photos to share and we hope to post more about Nepal very soon, but it is taking a while for Felipe to work through all the photos with an already super full schedule.  So for fun, I decided to share a little of what has been going on in our lives during the last weeks here in Brazil!

We participated in pet show-and-tell at Sophia's school!
We took our cat, Buzz Lightyear and Sophia shared about him.  Sophia was extremely proud, as you can see in the photos. She had been anticipating this show-and-tell day ALL year! 

We spent a beautiful Saturday morning at a nearby park with friends! 

Josiah turned 6 months, he started eating solids, is sitting up by himself, is starting to crawl, he can stand up in his crib by himself, and he cut his first tooth!  
Slow down little guy, you are growing up too fast!

I went to our ministry, Casa Semear, one morning with Josiah while Felipe was traveling. I had missed seeing all the kids, as I am now staying at home most of the time caring for Josiah and Jessie in the mornings.  A friend from church came to visit the ministry too, and we visited the home of some of the children living in the slum. It was a special morning!

Josiah got sick with a little cold and cough and the doctor subscribed breathing treatments for him.  Thankfully my sweet sister-in-law arrived to stay with us right around this time, and she was a HUGE help. I am so thankful for her!

Once Josiah was much better, Aunt Renata treated us to a fun lunch one Sunday after church while daddy was still traveling.  We went to a restaurant with a play area and even ordered dessert!

Felipe arrived back from Nepal on a Tuesday evening and then already the next morning we were heading out as a family to attend the annual ACTION Brazil field conference. All of the ACTION Brazil missionaries gathered together for several days to meet about various topics, pray, worship the Lord, and fellowship together.   It was our first time participating.

It was a 12 hour car trip going.  Josiah often cried out of frustration and Sophia came down with a fever during the trip so we had many stops, but we survived.  The drive back home was much smoother thankfully!

ACTION Brazil missionaries!

The conference location had fun kiddie pools.  Our children had a wonderful time!

We returned home from our trip, and then began Holy week.
We had a special Easter this year celebrating at the ministry where we serve (check out photos here), then at our amazing church here in Brazil (Calvary International), and also with friends having a potluck Easter lunch.

We even held an Easter egg hunt with our friends, which is not a common practice here in Brazil.  The Easter egg hunt was a big hit among the kids!  Here are a few photos from our Easter weekend.

We have been busy lately, but full of thankfulness for all God is doing and the many opportunities He is giving us to serve and grow in Him!

 Stay tuned...
More photos coming very soon of Felipe's mission trip to Nepal!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Easter at Casa Semear!

This past Saturday evening we had a special Easter service at Casa Semear!

A sort-term mission team from Germany came to the service. They presented a drama, and shared testimonies of God´s great love and the sacrifice Jesus made through dying on the cross for our sins.

At the end of the service the kids received chocolate Easter eggs which were donated from a local gym called Reebok Sport's Club and T-shirts from the Germany team.

We want to say a special thank you to the team from Germany and to the Reebok Sport's Club for blessing the kids at Casa Semear this Easter.

It is our prayer that the children and teens would understand the precious Easter story, and know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ!