Saturday, May 27, 2017

Boating with the Kids!

For the last month, the kids and teens at Casa Semear have had the opportunity to participate in boating/sailing classes at a large lake here in Sao Paulo.  

A sailing/boating company (that teaches the basics of boating) have blessed the ministry of Casa Semear through offering the kids we serve these boating/sailing classes. 

Here are just a few photos from a small group of kids that got to go boating this past week.  There was little wind on this day, so instead of taking a sail boat, they went out on a motor boat.  Felipe was the chaperone on this day, so he captured a few shots of the fun!  He has already been on several of these boating outings this month! 

Each kid even got a turn to steer the boat! 

We are very thankful to this boating company.  The lives of the kids from Casa Semear are being enriched and blessed with valuable memories and experiences in nature!

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