Sunday, May 21, 2017

Serving through Photography - Sólido

One of the ways Felipe serves in missions is through using his gift of photography to take quality photos at various ministry locations.  

The ministries can then use the photos in any way they need - to share about their work online or through newsletters and brochures.  The photos help show the essence of the work, the needs and the heart of the ministry.

As the saying goes, 
"A picture is worth a thousand words."

Felipe has many different photography projects in the works at the moment. I plan on showcasing some of his photography of the different ministries he has been serving here on our blog in the coming months.

I am first featuring a ministry that is a part of ABBA, the local Brazilian mission we serve in partnership with (  The name of the ministry is Sólido (in Portuguese) or Solid (in English).  Take a look at their impressive and beautiful website featuring Felipe's photography:

This ministry/Christian business has a workshop where quality wooden products and furniture are manufactured by a team of young people - most of those young people actually come from ABBA's ministry projects. 

Sólido´s mission is to provide opportunity for young people to have their lives transformed by learning and manufacturing high quality furniture in an inspiring environment.
Sólido is teaching young people a profession and giving them a perspective of a better future.

Also, all of the profits generated through the selling of Sólido´s high quality products serve to finance this and other missionary fronts that ABBA has.
Check out these photos of this awesome ministry!

The Workshop

The Workers

The Finished Products

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