Monday, May 8, 2017

The Church in Nepal

During Felipe´s recent trip to Nepal he was most personally impacted by the church, the beautiful body of Christ!

Felipe visited churches in several cities and in the remote villages throughout Nepal. He even had the honor of preaching in one church service.

During the trip, Felipe and his team met with two Nepali pastors who are ACTION missionaries.  This is Pastor Phurpu, and he works with church planting and also trekking the Nepali mountains to evangelize the Buddhist communities.

Pastor Phurpu led this young man to the Lord.  He is a former Buddhist monk and now he works together with Pastor Phurpu in his ministry. 

A worship and prayer time with Pastor Phurpu´s team.

A worship service at Pastor Phurpu´s church.

Meet Pastor B.P. a hard working Nepali pastor who trains and supports other pastors throughout Nepal.  He also works with disaster relief, especially during the recent major earthquake in 2015.  He took Felipe and his team to visit various villages and churches in the northern region of Nepal.

The following photos are of Nepali village churches and the faithful pastors who serve there. 

The children of this village pastor must walk one hour and a half to get to school, and then walk home afterwards.  They joyfully walk this distance to study in a school.

This pastor is constructing a new church building. It is an extremely slow process due to a lack of resources.  

The same church body (that is in the process of building in the above photo) also takes care of several orphaned children from this remote village.

This is the oldest member of the church in the same village.  She is 90 years old.

Part of Pastor B.P.´s work is to help rebuild homes located in remote villages after the 2015 earthquake.  The Nepali government is still struggling to attend to all the needs after this disaster and especially those in remote areas of the country.  Pastor B.P. helps connect these poor communities with resources to construct roofs for their homes.

Here are more photos of pastors and their churches, located in other remote villages.

A Christian family outside their home. 

The father of another Christian family.

Nepal is a predominately Hindu nation.  There are many Hindu symbols and idols everywhere you turn.  When you see a cross, or someone wearing a cross, it is a powerful image.  You know they are Christians and they belong to the body of Christ.  Felipe said in those moments, when he would see the cross, it would bring him a strong sense of belonging to the body of Christ.

A Christian family.

A gathering of Christians.

Another village church.

A church helped to repair this elderly lady´s home.

This is her home.

Pastor B.P. meeting with church leaders.

A new church being built.

Another family that was helped by Pastor B.P.

This was the last church service that Felipe was a part of, and it is located in one of the major cities of Nepal.

Seeing the church growing and alive in Nepal was the biggest highlight of Felipe´s trip.
Please continue to pray for the precious people of Nepal.  
May many more come to know and follow the Lord Jesus Christ!


  1. Excellent photos and summary! Thanks, Felipe!

  2. Amazing photos and stories. Thanks for taking the time to put this out there!

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