Thursday, June 22, 2017

Serving Through Photography ~ Formigas

As I shared on a previous post, one of the ways Felipe serves on the mission field is through using his gift of photography.

Today I am continuing a blog series called "Serving Through Photography," featuring photos of a ministry called Formigas, or "Ants" in English.  

Formigas is an ABBA ministry (, which is the local Brazilian mission we serve in partnership with. 

Formigas runs weekly children´s programs with the goal of evangelizing and discipling children in slum communities in São Paulo.   Their team consists of many volunteers from local Brazilian churches, and the program is presented at open air locations - like at a community soccer court or on a sidewalk area in the middle of government housing.

The purpose of Formigas is to take the Word of God, in a creative and relevant way, to children and families who are far from God, and to show them who Jesus really is and the significance of what He did on the cross.

See a few photos here of the awesome work of the Formigas ministry, and most of all PRAY!

Please pray for the Formigas ministry workers as they reach out and share the gospel message and love of Christ. Pray for financial provision for their ministry needs, and pray for the precious lives you see in these photos. How these beautiful children are so loved by the Lord!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Back Home & Flights Rescheduled

We are extremely happy to be back home from the hospital!  

Josiah spent nine days hospitalized, and was in the Intensive Care Unit for 5 of those days.  It was quite a scare to us! 

 He had bronchiolitis with beginning signs of pneumonia, and also RSV.  There is actually an epedemic of RSV in Sao Paulo this year, infecting many babies and young children. Here in Brazil this virus has proved to be deadly.  The virus hit Josiah suddenly, with extreme force, and his breathing was very labored.  He even had to be on oxygen for six days straight.

God carried us through this difficult time, by His grace and strength alone.  My mother-in-law and sister-in-law blessed us greatly by caring for our girls while Felipe and I stayed at the hospital around the clock. 

We received many messages of love, encouragement, and that many people were praying for us and baby Josiah as well, and for this we are extremely grateful!   

Josiah responded really well to the treatment given to him in the hospital.  Another baby the same age as Josiah actually died of similar symptoms while we were there in the ICU.  This spurred us on to pray for the other family and caused us to have deep gratitude for Josiah's life and improving health.  

Words can not express our overflowing thankfulness of Josiah's recovery!

Life truly is extremely precious, 
and each day is a gift from our good Father! 

We are back home and Josiah is back to his happy and smiley self!  He is enjoying crawling up and down our hallway, taking baths, and playing on the trampoline with his sisters.  He seems so happy to be back home!  

Since Josiah became seriously sick just days before our schedule flight to the USA, we had to reschedule our flights for later in the month. 
  We will be arriving in the Charlotte area on Tuesday, June 27th!

This travel date worked out perfectly timing wise, allowing us a good ten days to help Josiah's body heal completely and also giving us time to finish things well here in Brazil.

Again, thanks to so many of you who prayed and sent encouraging messages to us during a very stressful and difficult time for our family.  We are thankful we made it through to the other side.
We give God all the glory and praise! 

Please continue to pray for us, our travels on Monday, June 26th (arriving June 27th), for protection and strong health.  Thank you!