Thursday, August 24, 2017

American Summer Snapshots!

Our family arrived in the USA at the end of June, and we have enjoyed experiencing an American summer. This was actually my first summer in the USA since 2006, and it was such fun to be here during this time of year! 

Our summer consisted of visiting and sharing in various churches, eating doughnuts and other yummy treats, spending quality time together with family and friends, and playing for hours outside.

On this post, enjoy seeing some snapshots of our American summer!

So far we have visited nine different churches.  In several of them we had the opportunity to share about our mission work in Brazil, and we enjoyed visiting with dear brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Doughnuts are our family's favorite American treat! 

We were able to meet and spend precious time with dear friends and supporters of our work.  We still hope to see many more friends during our time in the United States!

 The girls had their first experience of buying ice cream from an ice cream truck!

And our family spent many hours playing outside in the yard, and at public parks, trails, splash pads, and even the beach here in the United States. We love being outside and in nature!

Sophia mastered the monkey bars this summer!
This guy is almost walking!

Our summer vacation days have now come to an end as our girls have officially started their school year in Rock Hill, South Carolina.  Sophia is in 1st grade and Jessie is in a Pre-K program.

We have been in Rock Hill a little over a week now.  We are adjusting and settling into our daily routine, and working on various projects and materials.  We hope to share about our mission work as much as possible, so if you would like for us to share at your church, school, class, home group, gathering or Bible study, we are very willing to speak. 
You can get in touch with us at:

We feel extremely thankful for such a wonderful and blessed American summer!

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