Friday, September 22, 2017

Josiah's 1st Birthday!

Our baby, Josiah, turned one on Wednesday, September 20th.  We are super thankful that we were able to celebrate his birthday stateside, and we took lots of photos to document this special milestone in his life. 

Hope you enjoy seeing photos of our precious son Josiah's 1st birthday! 

We began the birthday celebrations by going out to dinner last Saturday with my family at a cute downtown area in North Charleston.  We also were celebrating my sister's birthday.
The birthday boy and girl!

After dinner we opened presents and had cake and ice cream.

On Josiah's actual birthday we also went out to a local cupcake shop to celebrate with my other sister and her sons.

Felipe also did two different mini-photo shoots with Josiah to capture him at one year!
These photos were taken on the day before Josiah's birthday.

And now Josiah is walking!!! He has been walking for about a month now! 

On the night of Josiah's birthday we gave him his first haircut. Here are some photos of another photo shoot Felipe did of Josiah with his new hair cut, the day after his birthday.

A few of Josiah's accomplishments at 1 year...

At the moment Josiah can say - mama, dada, bye bye, yeah?  We have a talker on our hands and at times he can really talk up a storm!  He especially likes to pretend he is talking on the phone.  It's super cute!

We are starting to do baby sign language with Josiah now, and the main sign he uses is "all done!"   

Josiah loves giving high fives! 

Josiah is an early walker, walking by 11 months, and he also is waving and clapping his hands quite often.  He is motivated to keep up with his big sisters.

Josiah has four teeth on top and two on the bottom, totaling six teeth.
 (Jessie just had 2 teeth at 1 year, and Sophia had 8 teeth by 1 year.  Each kid is so different.)
Josiah beats both girls in weight and height though, weighing and measuring more than them at the same age.

Josiah loves music and figuring out how things work.  He is observant and curious and already is showing us that he is a guy who knows what he wants. 

We are especially thankful for this little guy's life, after the health scare we had with him in June.  We are thankful we could celebrate the gift of life on his 1st birthday, and we look forward to many more!!

Happy 1st Birthday JOSIAH!  We love you!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Serving Through Photography ~ ACTION Soccer

What better way to reach out to Brazilian boys than through soccer?

An ACTION ministry in Brazil called "Novo Amanhecer" (or translated into English "New Dawn") works in a slum community reaching out to the children and teens who live there. One of the most popular programs they offer to the community is their soccer program!  

Earlier this year Felipe took photos during one of their soccer practices.  These images are quite interesting as you can see the slum community where they live in the background. This soccer ministry has been a powerful tool in reaching out to teenage boys, investing positively in their lives, and providing opportunities for ministry leaders to share Christ's love and gospel message.  

Take a look at this awesome ministry through these photos, and please pray for the lives of these precious boys!