Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Jessie's 5th Birthday!

Last weekend we celebrated our Jessica Hope's 5th birthday! 

Jessie absolutely loved her 5th birthday, and it was her very first time celebrating a birthday in the USA!   She chose a Doc McStuffins theme this year.  It was such a treat to celebrate Jessie with our American family, since normally we are unable to be in the USA during the month of September.

Enjoy seeing our family photos of this special occasion! 


On Jessie's actual birthday we enjoyed dinner and quality time with Rev. Blaikie and his sweet wife Jean.  They are pastoring one of our supporting churches (my parents' church -Bethesda Presbyterian). Here are a few fun photos from that evening too. They made a wonderful home cooked meal for us, with even a delicious cake for dessert.  Jessie had two birthday cakes this year!  She felt so loved!  

There are so many words to describe our middle child, Jessie.  She is funny, playful, and fun-loving, while also super laid-back, and easy going.  She is one of the most genuinely compassionate, loving and kind-hearted children I know.  Jessie constantly gives hugs and snuggles and always gets a good joke. This past year she has worked hard to overcome some speech difficulties, and every day she is growing and improving more and more.  Jessie also is an excellent big sister, with a huge heart for her little brother.  

Jessica Hope Matias is a tremendous gift to our family and we are extremely thankful for her life! 
We love you sweet Jessie!    

Jessie's Favorites at 5 years old!
      Colors: Today I love purple and pink. 
      Song: My White Boots (Jamie Grace)
      Food: Chicken Nuggets and Rice & Beans (She's a true Brazilian.)
      Fruit: Apples (preferably dipped in peanut butter - that's the American influence.)
      Veggie: Salad and Broccoli
      Treat:  Ice Cream
      Things to do: Sing, play dress up and legos
      Animal: cats and butterflies
      Toy: My new mermaid doll and Doc McStuffins radio. 
      Book: Abraço é Bom
      Show:  Doc McStuffins
      Game: Monopoly Junior 

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