Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Party at Casa Semear!

Each year we hold a Christmas party at Casa Semear, and it is a highlight of the year for the kids who live in the neighborhood slum community and participate in the ministry programs.

First we gather and have a time of sharing from the Word of God.  This year Felipe shared briefly about how Christmas is the celebration of God sending His Son Jesus Christ with the ultimate purpose of dying on the cross for the sins of the world and rising again! 

We enjoy a special lunch, a typical Brazilian barbecue, and then distribute Christmas gifts, which were donated by generous donors from near and far. Thank you if you are one of those sponsors who helped to make this day possible!

Enjoy seeing these photos of Casa Semear's 2018 Christmas party!

Here are just a few of the smiling faces at the party!  Each child recieved a pair of shoes, a new clothiug item or outfit, and a fun present of some kind.   Each family also received a Christmas food package filled with nonperishable items.  The children and families were cared for and shown the love of Christ through these practical needs being met this Christmas!

Again, thank you to all of you who have prayed for or supported Casa Semear in some way!  May these lives grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, living lives of dignity and joy in Him.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Quiet, but MUCH is going on!

This space has been extremely quiet in the last months.  
The most quiet our blog has been in years...

Even though there is silence here, MUCH been going on and for this reason I am posting less and less.  

Since adding another child to our family, and adjusting back to life here in Brazil, I have intentionally been less and less online.  This is the season the Lord has me in.  I am learning to prioritize time with the Lord and my family more and more. 

It has been a hard season, but a good one too. A beautiful season...   A season where I see the Lord breaking me and pruining me so that I will be more fruitful for Him.  God is teaching me more and more from His Word and this has been transforming! 

Passing by today on the blog to quickly share a bit of my heart and life.  Know that God is working in me, a deep, quiet, behind the scenes, foundational work, and it is so necessary and good.  God is having me sit at His feet more, learning from His Word.  I am thankful for this season, and want to testify that He is so GOOD! 

Here are a few photos showing glimpses of our life here in Brazil, in recent months.

 And THANK YOU to all who have blessed our family through prayer, sweet messages and faithful financial support.  We constantly remember you in our prayers with much thankfulness!!! 

Felipe was recently involved in organizing a HUGE event to celebrate Children's Day with our local mission organization called ABBA.  Felipe and I even got to lead a time of worship with the kids. It was fun!

The girls participated in the Walkathon at their school to raise funds to improve the school.  Felipe was the official photographer of the event. Recently Felipe has been taking lots of photos for PACA (our girls' school). 

Sophia participated in a cheering clinic at school, and so enjoyed getting a taste of what it is like to be a cheerleader! 

Coffee and the Word of God, a great way to start each day!

Felipe took his boy group out for icecream!  Felipe has been SUPER busy leading Casa Semear in recent months.

Our family went to the beach one weekend and it was so refreshing! We are extremely thankful we took time out of the rush of life to have family time! 

Dress up days at school to celebrate reading!!!

I got to visit the newborn baby of a teenage girl who formerly participated at Casa Semear.  It was a special moment. 

Josiah has had some respiratory scares here and there in recent months, but presently he is doing great.  He has started swimming lessons to help strengthen his lungs and started a different treatment that is working better with his system. 

Sophia was the Angelfish in a school skit.  She loved acting out this part! 

I have gotten the opportunity to substitute teach a few times at the girls' school in recent months and it has been so FUN!  This was my lunch at school! A typical Brazilian meal.

Amber, my dear friend in this photo, spent 5 months in Brazil serving together with us at Casa Semear!   We spent lots of time together with her and we miss her presence here, as she just returned back to the USA. 

 Here is a video we made with Amber, hearing about her experience as a short-term missionary. 

Felipe and I try to have a date night every once in a while.  Thankful for these special moments to stop and focus on our marriage.  

I recently had the opportunity to lead worship (together with a friend) for a ladies event at my church.  It was a powerful day where God moved in beautiful ways in my own heart, and the hearts of many women.  The theme of the event was, "The Truth that Sets Us Free" and it truly was a liberating day!