Wednesday, January 24, 2018

We Love Life in São Paulo!

This space has been more quiet during the last months. Life has been busy and I am finding myself less and less behind my computer screen and more and more hands-on with my family.

We returned home to São Paulo on January 1st,
and we are adjusting back to life in Brazil!

We have spent the last few weeks reconnecting with family, friends, and our church. We have also been doing tons of practical things in order to get reinstalled back into "life as usual" in Brazil.

We were surprisingly greeted with a some reverse culture shock along the way.  Things take longer in Brazil than in the USA, and we are still getting used to the many delays here.  But overall, it is wonderful to be home again! 

Sophia returned back to her beloved school, and now we are beginning a busy season.

  Soon we will be hosting a family visiting from the USA (who are considering joining Action International),  we are attending the ACTION Brazil national retreat, Casa Semear will be officially starting in February (after a Brazilian summer break), and we will be moving to a new house too! 

We are going to be SUPER busy in the coming weeks, so please pray for us during all the special activities and changes! 

We are so happy to be back where the Lord has called us and planted us.  
We love life in São Paulo!

Below are a few fun photos we've snapped in recent weeks!
We saw monkeys one morning during a walk with some friends!

Açaí to celebrate our arrival in Brazil!

We went to the beach for a morning and had fun in the sun!  We live just a quick hour and half from the beach so it's easy to make a day trip there.
Jumping on our trampoline!
Playing at a nearby splash pad!

Here is the view from our small back veranda area.  We call it our beloved "tiny piece of sky." 

It's the summer kite season in Brazil. Everywhere you look there are people flying kites!

This is the entrance to our future home! We had fun looking at houses as a family. 

A shot of our current tiny living room.  Here's the guys enjoying playing video games! 

Celebrating Aunt Renata's birthday!
Sophia got to ride a pony at a friend's birthday party!

Josiah playing with balls on the trampoline!

This past week has been extremely HOT!  The kids had fun playing with water and Felipe had fun taking photos.

We are happy to be home!

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