Monday, March 5, 2018

Felipe Started Seminary

Last week Felipe began a seminary course here in Brazil.  
He spent one week away from home participating in a week of intense classes at the seminary.  Felipe will now study from home, complete tests and assignments online, and once a month he must participate in a day of classes.  He also will have a week of intense classes, like he did last week, every six months. 

After three years of this seminary program, Felipe will earn a Bachelor´s degree in Bible and Theology.

Felipe chose this seminary program so he can study from home while still having classes every once in a while.  He also can still continue to work and serve in missions, at Casa Semear, while working towards his seminary degree. 

Here is a look at Felipe´s first week of seminary. 
(He quickly became the official photographer for the week!)
Group photo taken after the first class.

Felipe put together this video of his first week of seminary.

 The final night of the week, the class of fifty went out for pizza!
Felipe capturing the moment.

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