Thursday, June 21, 2018

Casa Semear Camp Photos!

Last weekend the teens from Casa Semear went to camp, and here is a new post showing all the fun they had! 

Casa Semear camps are always full of fun, games, songs, and competitions with everything centered around a Biblical theme.

This year, the camp theme was the Parable of the Sower from Luke 8:1-15.  The teens heard teachings about this parable daily and participated in various activities and games to help them better understand the parable.   

As you can see it was a great camp!  
Although there was rain and it was chilly the teens had fun and were impacted by what they learned from the parable of the sower.  Please pray that the Lord will use all that they learned at camp for His purposes in their lives.  It is our prayer that all the teens would know and follow the Lord.  

On a personal note, Felipe and Sophia were at the camp all weekend long, but unfortunately Jessie ended up fracturing her arm on the first day of camp and Josiah was also not feeling well.  We decided it was best if Jessie, Josiah and I returned home, so I could take better care of them.

Monday, June 4, 2018

More YouTube Videos!

We have made the decision to try making more YouTube videos to share about our lives and ministry in Brazil.  Lately I have not had the time to post here on our blog as often, so we are thinking it may be faster and super fun to make videos sharing updates, prayer requests and news about us.  

We hope you enjoy seeing a few of our more recent videos below, and please subscribe to our YouTube channel to follow our journey in missions!

Here is a video that Sophia made which kind of caused us to think more about making more videos as a family.  She is a natural vlogger! 

Here's a fun video we made of our kitten (named Mittens) chasing a laser.  Who doesn´t love a cute cat video, right?

Here is a little video of our girls riding their bikes in our backyard area.

Here is a video of the Easter party we held for the kids at Casa Semear.

 Felipe made a video about his seminary classes.

This is a video that shows a quick look at the work we do at Casa Semear - the ministry where we serve.

We hope you enjoyed seeing a bit of our lives here in Brazil!