Friday, September 28, 2018

September Birthdays!

In September we celebrate two birthdays in our family!  

Jessie's birthday is September 8th and Josiah's birthday is September 20th.  On this post I will be sharing a few photos in celebration of their birthdays and precious lives.

To celebrate Jessie's birthday we had a family birthday brunch!  

What Jessie most wanted for her birthday - Amoeba slime! 

Jessie's Favorites at 6 years old!
      Color: Pink
      Songs: Jesus Loves the Little Ones Like Me, Party Like a Princess (Jamie Grace)
      Food: Chicken Stroganoff 
      Fruit: Apples
      Veggie: Salad 
      Treat: Ice cream and M&M's
      Things to do: "Play with my baby dolls and ride my bike."
      Animal: puppies
      Toy: Her teddy bear named Teddy
      Book: the Bible
      Game: Monopoly Jr

On Josiah's 2nd birthday, Felipe made this sweet video of Josiah.

Here are a few photos of Josiah's 2nd birthday! 

Josiah's Favorites at 2 years old!
 Colors: Blue/Azul - He can say both words and do the sign for this color.
 Songs: Josiah sings almost nonstop. He likes so many songs it is hard to know which one is his favorite.     Currently he often sings: The ABC song, Itsy-Bitsy Spider, Happy Birthday,  10,000 Reasons, Ten       Commandments, and God is so Good.
 Food: Any type meat, pasta or lasanga
 Fruit: Strawberries and grapes
 Veggie: Spinach (He eats lots of spinach unknowingly hidden in smoothies and other meals)
 Treat: Ice Cream
 Things to do: Jumping on the trampoline, singing, playing guitar, going on walks, going out, and playing with    
  water, balls and anything with wheels.
 Toy: Balls and cars
 Book: Brown Bear, Brown Bear, and Counting Books 


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