Thursday, June 27, 2019

Prayer & Photos - June 2019

 We had a busy June!  
Here are some photos of all the festivities and activities going on during the month. Please also see our prayer requests below.  We appreciate your prayers, love, and support of our family in missions!

Jessie's Kindergarten graduation!  She was extremely proud on this special day!
Jessie and her sweet Senior buddy!

Felipe is one of the photographers for various events at the school our daughters attend.  June was a super busy photography month for him with all the end of the school year events.  Here are a few shots he captured! 

Presenting PACA's Senior Class of 2019!

8th Grade Graduation

The Elementary Talent Show! 
We were so proud of Sophia. She sang a Jamie Grace song!   
Check out the video!

PACA's Field day!

The ladies in our church community group gave me a sweet baby shower!  This is the community group we were formerly a part of.  I felt so loved by them on this day!!!  God blessed us with diapers and beautiful baby clothes.  I am thankful for God's provision for our needs. 
I love these dear friends!

Jessie and Sophia loved this baby shower game of guessing how big my belly was!

Then 2 weeks later our new community group at church, that we recently began leading, surprised us with baby gifts too!   I am so thankful for the body of Christ God has blessed us with here in São Paulo.  Our local church is amazing and truly family for us here!

Felipe took me to have a gestational diabetes test (which came back normal).  We sat reading during the wait.

Also during June, Casa Semear received a short -term mission team from Ohio.  Teens and young adults from the team worked hard to bless the ministry and also our local mission organization (ABBA).  Here are a few photos of the team serving our Lord and being a blessing!  We are thankful for them and pray God will use this experience in their lives in BIG ways!

Felipe leads worship on Mondays and Thursdays at Casa Semear! 
The team blessed all the ABBA missionaries by making us an American breakfast!  It was yummy!

After breakfast the ABBA missionaries and the team met for the ABBA weekly meeting. 
It was a full house! 

One of the projects the Ohio team worked on at Casa Semear was installing this outdoor flooring.  Felipe helped a LOT with this project and returned home each day covered in cement.  It turned out so nice in the end though!

Felipe is still plugging away at his seminary studies.  He is constantly reading, completing assignments (late at night when the family sleeps), and attends class at least one Saturday a month in a city about 2 hours away.
Felipe's class at Martin Bucer Seminary.
Fun times as a family!
Yes! We have Pizza Hut in Brazil!
Our little Superman!!!

Please Pray...
As I (Laura) am finishing up this update, I am having some contractions. I am not sure if baby girl is coming soon or it is a false alarm, so I will make these prayer requests quick.  

Pray for Laura as she gives birth and pray for a healthy girl.  Laura is 38 weeks pregnant.
Pray for strong health for our family overall, especially Josiah. 
Pray for a good recovery physically for Laura and this transition time for our family. Felipe will take a week off from work when baby is born.

Please pray for the team from the USA that is visiting now.  May God be glorified through all they have learned here and use the seeds they have sown in the lives they impacted. 

Continue to pray for Felipe's seminary studies.  May he grow in the Word and be better equipped to serve the Lord through his studies.

THANK YOU for praying for our family!!!

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