Monday, September 2, 2019

Prayer & Photos - July & August 2019

The past two months have been intense, but oh so wonderful! 
 Enjoy seeing these photos of our August and July, and please read our prayer requests below.
If you did not read our most recent online newsletter, Annabelle Joy was born on June 27th at 9:27 p.m., weighing exactly 7 pounds (3.165 kilograms) and measuring 19.09 inches (48.5 cm). 

 Although Felipe and I are a little sleep deprived, we feel extrememly blessed to be a family of six now. Having a new life in our home is such a joy!
 The past two months have been so sweet getting to know our Annabelle. She is definitely the calmest and easiest baby of our four kids.  We are thankful for her easy-going disposition.

We are still adapting to life with a baby, a toddler, and two elementary age kiddos. We are looking to and leaning on the Lord for His much-needed wisdom, strength and grace for this season.  Our two girls adore their baby sister, and big brother is still adjusting to all the changes.
First day of school photo! Jessie is in 1st grade and Sophia is in 3rd grade.
Family dance party!
My mom came to visit us in July and stayed for a month.  It was a great help to have her here!  We made sweet memories and she was such a blessing - helping our girls with homework and serving our family by doing practical tasks around our home.
We scheduled for my mom to come during Felipe’s travels in August.  Felipe spent a week away from home at his seminary’s campus.  Each semester he participates in one week of intense classes, with class starting early morning and going until late evening.
Felipe always thoroughly enjoys these special class times.
Felipe together with his seminary professor Franklin Ferreira.

Every August we always have lots of celebrations!  Felipe and I both celebrate birthdays and our wedding anniversary.  This year we celebrated 10 years of marriage!
 We even had a date night, with baby Annabelle in tow! 

Here are a few recent photos of time spent serving at Casa Semear!
 The children who participate in the ministry all come from a slum community located near the ministry center. Through time spent with these kids and teens, the Casa Semear team is consistently sharing the Word of God, praying for, and loving these precious ones. 

Passing out clothing that came from donations given to Casa Semear. Practical needs such as these are often met through the ministry to bless the children and their families.

Felipe goofing off with some of the girls!

Felipe is always helping with various renovation projects to improve the ministry center.
Our friend Jai, a former Casa Semear missionary, recently got married.  Felipe was her wedding photographer. She was a beautiful bride!

For you photography lovers out there, Felipe did some night photography recently and this is one of his best photos from the evening. 

Please continue to pray for our family as we adapt to having four children.  We need God’s strength, wisdom, and grace in this sweet season as parents.  Pray for us as we work on practical things such as developing good sleep habits/schedules, potty training, helping our girls with homework, Felipe's seminary studies, and managing our time as a family - all for the glory of God!

Pray for the daily work of Casa Semear as Felipe and the other missionaries work with children and teens coming from at-risk situations.  Felipe is now independently teaching a group of kids ages 9-12, since our missionary friend who got married moved away.  He faithfully leads Bible study and worship times each week at Casa Semear.

Please pray for us as we serve at our local church, Calvary International Church.  Felipe is facilitating a weekly Sunday School class about Systematic Theology that runs until December.   We also are leading a community group that meets once a month. We see our involvement and service in our local church as an important part of our ministry here in Brazil. We desire to be a blessing to this country and the people God places in our lives here.
From our family to yours, thank you for being a part of our lives and our journey in missions. We deeply appreciate your love, support, and prayers for our family and work.  Obrigado!

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