Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Fall Newsletter 2019

The Task At Hand

In recent years the Lord has been doing a new work in our lives, highlighting repeatedly to us the vital importance of the Bible, living the truths from it’s pages, and lining up everything in our lives with the Word of God.

As we have worked with at-risk children who come from Brazilian slums, we have clearly seen that although the kids proclaim they believe in God, they do not know the God of the Bible.  Many of the children have a very distorted view of who God is.

They may have heard phrases like “Jesus Loves You” or “God bless you,” or believe God is most concerned with everyone living moral lives and doing good things. The kids and families who attend churches in the slums are unfortunately often learning unbiblical teachings about how God wants to make them rich and/or famous, or give them whatever they desire (a job, a car, a spouse).

These are some of the things the kids who attend Casa Semear think and know about God. From our years of working in slum communities, I (Felipe) can say with confidence that a good understanding of the gospel of Jesus Christ is lacking in the slums of Brazil. As we consider the context of life in the slums, we have come to understand that we have a specific and extremely important task in our work.

And what is that task?
To teach the gospel of Jesus of Christ, and to make disciples, teaching them to obey everything God has commanded. (Matthew 28:19-20)

How do we accomplish this task?
On a weekly basis at Casa Semear (every Tuesday), we have a time of specifically teaching from the Bible, preaching the gospel, and making God known through the scriptures.

To become better equipped for this task, Felipe decided to pursue his seminary degree.  Felipe desires to teach the Bible faithfully, correctly handling the word of truth. (2 Tim. 2:15). I (Laura) also desire to grow in my understanding and knowledge of the Word to better know and serve the Lord. I just began Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) here in São Paulo, and I am studying the book of Acts along with many Christian sisters.

We need you!
We can not do the work alone. We need your prayers and the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the kids who participate at Casa Semear.  Please pray for Felipe as he teaches from the Bible each Tuesday morning and afternoon, and most importantly pray for the children to have receptive hearts.

May God’s truth go forth and accomplish what He purposes it to do, and may the children who attend Casa Semear get a crystal clear understanding of the gospel and who our good God is!

A Possible Trip to the USA
We are praying about visiting the USA during the summer of 2020.  It would be wonderful to see family and friends, visit supporting churches, and spend time raising more financial support. Honestly, we would need a BIG miracle financially for this trip. If we don’t have the funds to go in 2020, we will hopefully make the trip in 2021. We are looking at our options/finances, and praying for God’s will and timing.

Please pray with us.  If you would like to contribute towards making this trip possible for our family of six, you can send tax-deductible donations to the address below. Thank you!

Our New Baby Girl!
If you have not heard the news, our sweet Annabelle Joy was born on June 27th. We praise God that the transition to having four children has been so smooth. She brings such joy to our family and thankfully has been a very laidback baby. Thank you for praying for us during this special season.

Prayer Requests

Pray for Felipe as he manages his busy schedule and responsibilities at home, Casa Semear, church (facilitating a Sunday school class), and seminary studies.  Pray for Laura as she serves our family and supports Felipe.

Pray for the missionaries serving at Casa Semear as they present the message of the gospel and teach from the Word of God each week. Pray for receptive hearts.

Pray for us as we lead a community group at our church.  We see this as an opportunity to serve and bless our local church, and a way for us to grow in precious community with other believers.

Pray for Josiah’s health to strengthen.  He continues to battle respiratory problems.

Pray for our finances.  We are EXTREMELY grateful for those who partner with us financially.  We praise God for His provision for our needs through your faithful gifts.  However, we are in need of raising more funds each month to save towards a future trip to the USA, and to help meet various unexpected costs that keep popping up (recently it was expensive car repairs).  We need more wiggle room financially, and we are working towards getting our overall budget/finances in a better place.

Brazilian Evangelistic Association is a 501(C)(3) Organization. All donations are tax-deductible. Make checks payable to: BEA Ministries (in the Memo Line write "Matias Project")
P.O. Box 808, Xenia, OH 45385-0808       Tel. 937-249-0657

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