Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Fall Newsletter 2020

Ministry at Casa Semear

Casa Semear's normal ministry activities are still not running due to Covid-19.  It looks like Casa Semear will be officially closed to the public for the rest of 2020, due to guidelines given by the government. The public schools will be closed for the remainder of the year, so therefore Casa Semear will also remain closed.

Although the normal hustle and bustle of daily children's programs are not happening, Felipe is working at the ministry center on a regular basis.  He, together with fellow missionaries, are busy with renovation projects - painting and repairing much needed areas at Casa Semear.  Felipe is also working on some ministry-related video projects, which we will share in the future. 

The Casa Semear team continues to hold distribution days to give out food packages and other practical donations to needy families living in the slum community. Financially, many people are struggling to make ends meet, so we are thankful we can come alongside these dear families and support them at this time.  

Ministry in Our Home

Shortly after we sent out our last newsletter we received a special message from the leader of our local homeschool co-op asking us, “Are you willing to host co-op at your house?” 

Due to Covid-19, the co-op has been organized differently this semester.  In an effort to gather in smaller numbers, several groups of kids are meeting in locations throughout the city. Each Friday afternoon we are opening our home for this unique ministry opportunity, and it has been a blessing to serve in this way. 

We must admit, at first the thought of opening our home on a weekly basis was quite a stretch for us!  We prayed and sensed God reminding us that everything we have is a gift from Him.  God provided more spacious housing for us (we moved in June to a bigger home), and since we have moved our constant prayer is that God will use this space for His glory and purposes.  

We were encouraged (and surprised) to see God answering our prayers so quickly, giving us this opportunity to open our home, serve, and bless local homeschooling children and families by providing a location to meet. To Him be the glory!  

Prayer Requests

Casa Semear: Please pray for God to continue to use the distribution days at Casa Semear to touch and minister to the hearts of children and families living in the slums. May not only physical needs be met, but also heart needs be met with by Spirit of God.

Pray for God to continue to use Casa Semear as a place where many children at-risk and their families will hear a clear presentation of the gospel, come to know Christ personally, and be transformed by His love and truth!

Our Family: Pray for us as we open our home each week for ministry.

Pray for our upcoming trip to the USA in 2021!   We hope to visit from March until mid-June, Lord willing.  Please pray for us as we work to obtain the necessary travel documents, purchase plane tickets, and organize all things related to this trip.  We hope to visit many of you and many churches to share about our ministry and life in Brazil.  It is quite the endeavor to plan a trip like this with a family of six!  It will be baby Annabelle’s first visit to the USA, which will be super special for us.


Thank You!

We want to say thank you for your prayers and support of our family in ministry.  We understand that we are living in unique and unpredictable times, which makes us even more appreciative to the Lord for HIS faithful care and provision over our lives, through the body of Christ.  Thank you for partnering with us so that we can serve the Lord here in São Paulo, Brazil.  We are forever grateful! 

With love and gratitute,

Laura, Felipe, Sophia, Jessie, Josiah & Annabelle

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